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Lessons & Reflections from the National Butterfly Center

The eyes of the nation are upon us. Sean Hannity is broadcasting live from the “embattled banks” of the Rio Grande River; Governor Perry is riding the DPS “gun ship”; and planes marked US Army are delivering provisions for the relief efforts, currently underway.  Reporters come to our doors and news vans from stations far, far away park along the roadways, just waiting for something to happen—something serious or sensational—they can broadcast at 6 PM.  But there is nothing to see. Well, nothing out of the ordinary for those of us who have lived here most of our lives….

Men, women and children wandering out of the brush, trying to steal across the highways, or surrendering to the first person they see who might be able to offer water, food, assistance—this is nothing new. What is striking is the number coming, and the fact that people are paying attention.

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Easing the Sting

Lessons & Reflections from the National Butterfly Center

I am a recovering perfectionist.

Those who know me now probably have no idea I once pursued flawlessness with the zeal of a fanatic. I set standards (mostly for myself) that were so high one might assume I had a personality disorder.  Like others who suffer this state, I was possessed by some delusional condition that led me to believe perfection was attainable; you just had to push harder for it.

After years of enduring frustration, aggravation, disappointment and self-inflicted disgrace, I took stock of all the things I’d sacrificed on the altar of Perfection. The list started with happiness, satisfaction, peace of mind and simple pleasures; it ended with time, friendships, opportunities and adventures.

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