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Lessons & Reflections from the National Butterfly Center

In case you didn’t know, I refer to y’all as “our tribe.”  I mean this with the deepest respect and appreciation. You are the family that has given birth to this place, and continues to sustain it.  Your customs and values guide us, and we share a language that sounds utterly foreign to non-members.

My initiation into this tribe has been exciting and educational. It has opened my eyes to beauty I took for granted before belonging. I look to my elders and more experienced brothers and sisters for assistance in identifying and understanding the totems around which our tribe revolves; and like any new initiate, I am at once anxious to broadcast what I have seen and learned, and eager to keep it to myself—to hold it close, like a secret that sets me apart.

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Lessons & Reflections from the National Butterfly Center

About two weeks ago, tragedy struck. I’m not talking about the lightning that hit our transformer, but a much more nefarious strike, around 30 miles from us.

Tuesday night, August 19, after the gates of the Valley Nature Center closed in Weslaco, three teenaged boys jumped the fence and chose to torture, mutilate, kill and take five of the center’s Texas Tortoises. These docile, protected animals never stood a chance against these cowardly thugs, who gutted and decapitated two of the animals, while another was stomped outside of the park, according to surveillance video that captured these horrific acts.

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