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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Lessons & Reflections from the National Butterfly Center

Following the wettest fall and winter on record in 25 years, we appear to be in the midst of setting another record; this time for the wettest spring. While it was exciting and encouraging to end the drought that has plagued much of the nation, this dreary, drizzly weather is both unfamiliar and unrelenting.  I believe the rest of the nation will agree with me when I say, “Winter, you have over-stayed your welcome.”

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Life Cycles

Lessons & Reflections from the National Butterfly Center

I’ve started three or four columns in the last several months. Each begins with a good idea, and quickly unravels. Something sweet and simple sours. That strong theme, one I am sure will dance across the page with happy feet, takes a left turn and goes south, fast.  And by south I mean Antarctica—not south Texas—where gem-colored butterflies and birds fill the skies with Fruit Loop hues. 

This is my season of sadness.

It started a month or so before the Texas Butterfly Festival, when members-turned-friends began to share their stories of illness, suffering and loss: a stricken wife, a broken heart, a loved one destroyed by dementia….  For me, there was a kind man who made music, my best friend’s mother, an associate moved to hospice, and then, my father.

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