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Lessons & Reflections from the National Butterfly Center

When I arrived at the National Butterfly Center almost two years ago, I noticed two things: 1) the gardens were gorgeous and full of life; and 2) the gardens were quiet and devoid of children.  I lamented #2 and immediately sought to rectify the situation, because I could not imagine any manner in which we could fulfill our mission without engaging children. Moreover, I was not interested in bringing a few (or a few dozen) children to the gardens, but hundreds of thousands of them.

As my intent became known, some chose to leave the NBC. They complained children would be disruptive (yes) and destructive (perhaps) and they did not belong (what?!).

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Summer 1, 2, 3, 4

Lessons & Reflections from the National Butterfly Center

Ah, what a wonderful break we're having from the heat!  With temperatures in the 40's, the Rio Grande Valley is actually experiencing winter this year.  It's good for our plants, but the butterflies (and visitors) have been blown away by the cold, blustery winds. The bright spot: those same winds bring our Winter Texans home to roost, for the season.

Bill, one of our Winter Texan volunteers, refers to the seasons in South Texas as Summer 1, Summer 2, Summer 3, and Summer 4. It's funny, but most of all it's true—and similar to the local version: Hot, Hotter, Heaven Help Us!, and Hot.

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