Christmas 'Cat

Lessons & Reflections from the National Butterfly Center

(Or, How I Really Stepped in it, This Time)

bobcat-121912I had the most wonderful walk down the Hackberry Trail, today. I was distracted by the dancing Zebra Heliconian, dazzled by the flash of a Mexican Bluewing, and surprised to see a big, beautiful Malachite float by, oblivious to my presence...and that's when it happened: I stepped in a big, steaming pile of cat scat. Score? Bobcat: 1; Marianna: 0.

If you read my blog, regularly, you know he's my obsession, and the creature I am most anxious to see. I am pretty sure he's seen me, and recently, I've started to think he's playing a game of keep away.

Sure, it's silly to imagine such a thing, but I was reared on Br'er Rabbit. What can I say? Bobcat is taunting me, playing hide and seek, and laughing, no doubt, deep in the brush, about my careless misstep.

Well played, Bobcat. Well played.   


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