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Project WILD Class to be Held at National Butterfly Center

(Mission, TX) The National Butterfly Center is hosting a Project WILD certification class Saturday, May 4, from 9AM – 3:30PM. This environmental education workshop, sponsored by Texas Parks & Wildlife, provides professional development and valuable resources for teachers and informal educators, with activities that may be integrated into the instruction of core academic subjects and adapted to all grade levels.

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CostCo Supports Composting at the National Butterfly Center

(Mission, TX) Costco Wholesale Corporation, the world's premier membership warehouse for business and personal shoppers, is creating change in our community by partnering with the National Butterfly Center to compost spoiled fruits and vegetables.

Although CostCo typically disposes of foods in this condition differently, the organization has agreed to donate plant products that are rotting or out-of-date, and unsuitable for human consumption, to the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas. This flagship project of the North American Butterfly Association is cultivating 100 acres of gardens and wildscape along the Rio Grande River, as preserve habitat for butterflies, birds, and other species.

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Award-Winning Photojournalist Coming to the National Butterfly Center

October 8, 2012

(Mission, TX) The North American Butterfly Association (NABA) is pleased to announce award-winning photojournalist, Seth Patterson, will be our featured speaker Friday, October 26, 2012, at the Border Buttermilk Reception and Dinner al Fresco. Part of the 17th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival's schedule of events, this special program is open to everyone interested in preserving the rich biodiversity of the Rio Grande Valley.

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Rare Orion Cecropian Butterfly Spotted at the National Butterfly Center

(Mission, TX) The 'Stinky Leafwing' or Orion Cecropian, as it is properly named, was photographed at the National Butterfly Center, in Mission, Texas, on Sunday, September 10, 2012. This is only the fourth documented sighting of this species in the United States—and the second occurrence at the Center.

This tropical butterfly is a strong and solitary flier, with a large wingspan of approximately 11 centimeters. Common to the West Indies, South & Central America, the Orion Cecropian prefers forested habitats such as the deciduous woodlands of Costa Rica, the rainforests of the Amazonian jungle, and the cloud forests near the base of the Andes Mountains. 'Stinky' in the Orion's nickname most likely refers to the putrid or rotting fruit on which it feeds. In fact, both times the Orion Cecropian has been seen at the National Butterfly Center, we have had fermenting bait, known as "butterfly brew", at stations throughout the gardens and along the humid, sheltering Hackberry Trail.

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17th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival at the National Butterfly Center

Register Today, and Join Us October 26-28

Dr. Robert Michael Pyle, Texas Butterfly Festival Keynote Speaker.  

Photo by Benjamin Drummon and Sara Joy Steele

MISSION, TX – The Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce invites the Rio Grande Valley community to attend the 17th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival to be held at the National Butterfly Center located on 3333 Butterfly Park Drive in Mission, Texas, on October 26th – 28th 2012. Join us this fall during the peak season of butterfly abundance and diversity, for an unforgettable weekend at the most biologically diverse region in the United States. Four ecosystems converge in this four county area; with its sub-tropical climate, the area boasts over 300 species of butterflies.  This year’s festival will feature a Keynote Address by Dr. Robert Michael Pyle, a lepidopterist (a person who studies butterflies) and one of the most sought-after butterfly speakers and teachers in the country. He is the founder of the Xerces Society and the author of Mariposa Road. His seventeen books include several national award-winners, as well as butterfly standards such as the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies, The Handbook for Butterfly Watchers, and The Butterflies of Cascadia. This annual festival will also include seminars, guided tours, an expo, and a community family day with various activities for the entire family.

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