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Texas Chefs Association Delights Visitors to the Texas Butterfly Festival

(Mission, TX) – Did you know one of every three bites of food you eat is produced by a pollinator?  Members of the RGV Chapter of the Texas Chefs’ Association do! That is why they celebrate the butterflies, birds and bees at the 22nd Annual Texas Butterfly Festival

For the fifth straight year, these culinary artists will prepare the freshest and most flavorful foods South Texas has to offer for visitors from all over the world. Under the leadership of chapter director, Dustin Stair, both established and rising stars on the local restaurant scene will showcase their talents at the festival’s Keynote Speaker’s Banquet, featuring Sam Jaffe, creator of The Caterpillar Lab.

“Great food makes for a great the party,” explains Chef Stair, “We look forward to the Texas Butterfly Festival every year because the folks who attend have come here to pursue their passion. They are all so excited to enjoy world-class butterflying and experiences in the outdoors, but don’t necessarily come expecting world-class food. This is where we get to shine and share our passion with a sophisticated audience that really appreciates artistry and good taste.”

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Inaugural Monarch 5K/1K Trail Run

(Mission, TX) –  This November 4, the National Butterfly Center will kick off the 22nd Annual Texas Butterfly Festival with the inaugural Monarch 5K Trail Run & 1K Fun Run. This run is designed to show people a different side of the center, which encompasses 100 acres of cultivated gardens, forested trails and wildscape, where the Southernmost Monarch Waystation is being planted.

In addition to receiving a colorful, commemorative Monarch medal, participants in this year’s run will be given seed bombs of native wildflowers to toss along the trail routes, so that seasonal nectar plants may sprout up and provide the food Monarchs need to make their long journey north in the spring. Historic declines in the Monarch population have led to broad concern and public awareness of the plight of this species, especially along its migratory route.

“We welcome runners, butterfly enthusiasts and families to come have a hand in creating this habitat for Monarchs, while doing what they find rewarding,” states Marianna Trevino Wright, executive director of the National Butterfly Center. “This event is a great addition to the festival’s Community Day, which is designed to help people to discover our project, our purpose and this beautiful place. What could be better than spending a fall morning outside, surrounded by butterflies?!”

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M3: Monarchs, Milkweed & Me

(Mission, TX) –  Saturday, October 14, the National Butterfly Center will host its proprietary Monarch Conservation program, M3: Monarchs, Milkweed & Me, exclusively for Girl Scouts.  This very special event kicks off the arrival of Monarch migration season in South Texas, and gives Daisies - Ambassadors the opportunity to earn their M3 fun patch.

“The M3 program is a designed to educate people of all ages concerning the needs of Monarchs in a practical way, so each is empowered to make a difference,” explains Marianna Trevino Wright, executive director of the National Butterfly Center. “We welcome Girl Scouts from across the region to Discover, Connect and Take Action, in order to help Texas’ state insect recover from a historic decline in numbers.”

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It’s Time for Texas’ 2nd Annual Pollinator BioBlitz

(Mission, TX) –  In support of Texas’ second, statewide Pollinator BioBlitz, the National Butterfly Center will be hosting a variety of programs to get people outdoors to observe pollinators of all types in yards, natural areas, gardens, parks and community centers. This intensive week of citizen-driven data collection will occur September 23 – October 8, 2017, in an effort to bring attention to the critical habitat needs of Monarchs and other pollinators across the state.

The BioBlitz is designed to be fun for all ages, with no experience required. Participants are simply asked to look for pollinators, such as bees, butterflies and moths, and nectar-producing plants; photograph or take video of them; and share their discoveries online via Instagram, using the hashtag #TXPollinators2017. Plant and insect species may be difficult to identify, so observers are encouraged to post what they know. For example, “Small bee on sunflower at Bryan Elementary, Mission,” is fine.  More experienced naturalists are asked to record their observations through the iNaturalist application. There is no cost to participate and the only tools needed are a camera or smart phone, plus Internet access.

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Monarch Art Promo

Monarch-Themed Children's Art Contest

(Mission, TX) –  The National Butterfly CenterTM, home of the Southernmost Monarch Waystation, is proud to work with Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote the 21st Annual “This is My Mexico” Children’s Art Contest, brought to you by the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME). 

The theme of this year’s contest is “The Monarch and its Lifecycle in North America”. For this reason, both the National Butterfly Center and the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) felt it was important to share news of this contest to the ministry’s non-traditional audience, i.e. those families, schools and other organizations that might not be in regular contact with a Mexican Consulate.

“The Monarch is a powerful symbol of strength and transformation, of endurance and potential,” explains Marianna Trevino Wright, executive director of the National Butterfly Center. “Its transcontinental migration unites three countries and many cultures, all of which seem to appreciate the majesty of this creature and the ritual rebirth it represents. The Monarch is the stuff of legends and folklore that gives lift to our imagination and life to our myths. During the period of this contest and long afterward, we hope adults will share their Monarch stories with children, plant Monarch gardens at their schools, and set aside space in their communities to celebrate this species we all have in common.”

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